Riyona Shimono is a forward of Dark Cycle.

Riyona Shimono

Riyona Shimono


Age: 12

Gender: Female

Team: Dark Cycle

Personality: Silent and shy.

Element: Darkness

Plot Overview

She will appear in my fanfiction, Hidden Past of Endou Mamoru!

Just like Tajiri, she is a forward but she is rather silent and only talks mainly sometimes. Just like Tajiri, she is a member of Dark Cycle. Though she is very close to Tajiri. She's kinda in someway close to Tiroan Satrichi.


Sight Illusion - Offense Hissatsu

True Soul Shoot - Shoot Hissatsu

Attacking Fortress - Defense/ Shoot Hissatsu


AdventureWriter28 02:39, December 25, 2010 (UTC)


  • Her shoots have some dark aura effect just like Tajiri, but both Riyona and Tajiri are the only one's with dark aura in there hissatsu.

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