"Either you rise to the top, or be in danger due to a wanted criminal!!"

Main Plot

Looks like another football competition's comin' up. Time to get ready! But...If you don't have a team, you obviously can't participate! If given the opportunity to form a team, full of strangers and questions, would you accept it? Though another problem stands in our way...A wanted criminal is back! With his plots worsening, it's either you rise to the top and protect the soccer you love, or be in danger!! Many adventures await you!!

Main Protagonists

Main Antagonists

Chapter 1: "It's A Trap!"

So a football competition's comin' up...Headed to Teikoku's stadium, Rese finds herself trapped with a couple of strangers! It sure felt like being trapped in a sinking boat, as they knew it was Kageyama's plot taking effect again. Rese and all the new friends she met this very day join forces to save themselves, others, and the soccer they love!

Notable/Main Characters

Chapter 2: "Random..Rabbit and Dinosaur Facts..?"

After the troubled team still finds themselves trapped in a box, like mimes, a hero from the future, along with new friends save the day!

Notable/Main Characters

Chapter 3: "Seek Adventure! Stories From the Future! And...Chocolate?"

As everyone gets to know each other more, some old pals come in! Having a little reunion won't be too bad, would it? Everyone gets to hear a little more from the future! Thrilling adventures await!!~

Notable/Main Characters

Hungry here!!~


I hope you guys are excited for this, as much as I am to write it! AndI hope you'll like it as well!! Yeah, OCs are accepted!!

"What?! Tasuku is a villain and a good guy at the same time?!" -Yep~ Wouldn't wanna spoil anything so...

Thank you!!~

Hungry4ramen 15:14, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

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