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Ravendale Academy/Ravendale Elementary is the main school in the fanfic "Legend of the Black Hawks". The soccerclub of these schools are the Black Hawks.

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Ravendale is one of the biggest and most private schools in the world, together with the other 4 schools, each from one continent. The school is known for it's maintenance of protocol, love for culture and arts, and is famous in a wide range of activities.


Ravendale is divided in three sections: the Academy part, the Elementary part and the part that is reserved for extracurricular activities and school clubs.

The main building is in the Academy part, because the Academy is the biggest building, and takes care of most of the things that goes on in the school. As you would expect, this is also where the Academy itself is located.

The Elementary building is located here, as well as most of the space of the school grounds. The Elementary building is not as big as the Academy building, but is, nevertheless, an important building of the school.

The part where the school clubs are located is by far the one that takes up most of the space. The swimming pool is located here, as well as the basketball field, baseball field, tennis field, dojo, arena and lots of clubhouses. The soccer stadium is located here as well.



1st grade- 6-7 years

2nd grade- 7-8 years

3rd grade- 8-9 years

4th grade- 9-10 years

5th grade- 10-11 years

6th grade- 11-12 years


1st year- 12-13 years

2nd year- 13-14 years

3rd year- 14-15 years

4th year- 15-16 years

5th year- 16-17 years

6th year- 17-18 years



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