Hi Guys! My First Chapter Of Prya Night~ Imma Make It DEPPRESSING!!!!!!! WOOT XD Oh And I'll Put Some Warning On each Chappie.So...YOU.HAVE.BEEN.WARNED.


Dear Reader(Or Whoever The Heck You Are) Prya Night Includes:Blood,Death,Language And Uh...Stuff.Please Be With Parental Guidance If Your Under 13 (JK).This Fanfic Is Rated 13+ And Oh This Aint No Twillight Stuff.


Ais Jasmin(Me)

Joel LaCoreleo(AidenFubuki)

Yukimura Yami(Terumi Afro)



Just As The Ceremony Began,Three Teenagers Enter The Ceremony

???:Come On Guys Were Gonna Be Late!

???:Uh Ais,Why Did I Agree That I Come To This Freaky Ceremony With You?

Ais:Dont Be A Baby Joel! Look,Even Yukimura Isint Scared!


Joel:Oh Whatever..

Mayor:Everybody! Gather, Gather!

Everyone One Gathers Up To The Mayor Which Was Standing On A Podium

Mayor:Today Is The Start Of The Ceremony!Get Ready For All The Cases.Now Lets Solve Those Mysterious Cases

Mayor:Everyone,Line Up To The Desk And Each Person Get There Case.

Everyone Lined Up And They Each Got Their Cases

Ais:Looks Like I Dont Have Any Since That One Is For 3 People..

Joel:Yes! This One Involves 3 Persons!And IT Seems That Yukimura Got The Same Thing!

Yukimura:It Looks Like A Car Accident But...Wait Isint This The...


Yukimura:The One With The Aliea Guy,Kira Seijirou?

Ais:You Sure?

Yukimura:Yeah! Just Look At This Document.

Ais:*Looks At The Document* Well,We Better Get started!



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