Note: Just to say, I've put Midorikawa Sakura and Kiyama Sakura in as different people so I slightly changed Midorikawa Sakura's name.

Midorikawa Sakura: Sakori

Kiyama Sakura: Sakura

All: *laughing head off*

Ace: Okay, who should we call next?

Laurel: How about Midorikawa?

Sakori: Let's do it! Please can I do this call, Mika-chan?

Mika: Be my guest~ *passes phone to Sakori*

Sakori: *dialls number*

Midorikawa: *answers* Hello?

Sakori: *puts on fake Indian accent* Can I speak to Amanda please? (Note - this actually happened to me! This guy had a wrong number and started yelling at me for not passing over to 'Amanda', awkward! Especially cuz I couldn't undertsand a word!)

Midorikawa: I don't know any Amanda's

Sakori: Just pass me over to Amanda!

Midorikawa: I told you - I don't know any Amanda's!

Sakori: Who are you?

Midorikawa: I'm Midorikawa Ryuuji, and I DON'T know any Amanda's!

Sakori: Liar!! You killed her! You hurt her! Where is Amanda?! What have you done with Amanda?!

Midorikawa: NO! I didn't kill Amanda! I don't even know her!!

Sakori: I'm calling the police!!!


Sakori: Oops wrong number! Sorry for wasting your time Mr. Midorikawa! *hangs up*

All: *laugh head off*

~Knock, knock, knock~

Mika: Who is it?

Aiden: It's me, can I come in?

Mika: Oh, Hi Ai-kun~ Come on in!

Aiden: *opens door and walks in* So what's with the little club we got going here?

Candy: We're doing prank calls~

Angel: So far we've pranked Sakuma and Midorikawa~

Laurel: And I suggest Aphrodi as our 3rd victim!

Mika: Sure~ Would you care to do the honors?

Laurel: *grabs phone and dialls number*

Aphrodi: *answers* Hello?

Laurel: *alters voice to match Natsumi's* Hi, Aphrodi-kun~

Aphrodi: N-Natsumi? When did you start calling me Aphrodi-kun?

Laurel: Sorry~ Anyway, can I ask you something?

Aphordi: Erm, go ahead

Laurel: What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I love your hair! I want to get minhe just as silky as yours!

Aphordi: Um, Timotei?

Laurel: Yay~ Thanks, Aphrodi-kun! Now you won't be the one with the best hair anymore! *hangs up*

All: XD LOL!!!

Mika: Awesome! *high-fives Laurel* Who's up next?

Livi: I say we call Burn!

Mika: Sure! Let's see what you come up with, Onee-san! *chucks phone to Livi*

Livi: *dialls number*

Burn: *answers* What?

Livi: *alters voice to match Gazelle's* Erm, hi Burn

Burn: Oh! Erm, hi Gazelle...

Livi: I need to tell you something...

Burn: Wh-what is it?

Livi: I love you..

Burn: ...

Livi: *stifles laugh*

Burn: GAZELLE!!!!! *hangs up*


This chapter's a bit longer~ I hope you enjoyed!

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