Please Don't Leave Me! is a one-shot fanfic based fully on Ulvida x Hiroto. I'll say if you're under 10 it's unsuitable (read 'Trivia' for details). It is written in Hiroto's P.O.V. it is set after the Aliea arc but before the FFI arc

SUMMARRY (WARNING - a few spoilers of the fanfic!)

Ulvida notices that Hiroto is acting strangely and thinks he may have something on his mind. He says no, then walks off. It is then revealed that he is injured. He ignores his injury and carries on playing soccer with Saginuma, Midorikawa and everyone else. After a while his injury begins to worsen and cause him a lot of pain. Ulvida asks if he's okay again and he fakes a smile and claims to be fine. After another while (a lot of time skipping is in this fanfc XD) his injury worsens further and he passes out on the field. He is taken to hospital and they say he should rest at home for a while. He rests for a while but then Midorikawa gets a fever and Hiroto has to take care of him. His i jury worsens even further untill he is rushed to hospital and has to have surgery. I won't write any more because I'll spoil the whole fanfic if I do!


Kiyama Hiroto (main, written in his P.O.V.)

Ulvida (2nd main)

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Saginuma Osamu

Kira Hitomiko

Inoto Emi (as a nurse that takes care of Hiroto at the hospital)

There's probably more that I forgot to write, gomen.


"Stop it! You're injured! I'm not letting you leave! I can see that you're worried about your friend but it wouldn't hurt to put yourself in mind for once!" (Inoto Emi to Kiyama Hiroto)

"Hiroto-kun...why? Why do that to yourself? Why?!" (Ulvida to Kiyama Hiroto)

"You're not done yet are you, Hiroto? C'mon! We're just getting started!" (Saginuma to Kiyama Hiroto)


  • This is a possible multi-chapter fanfic, depending on how much I write.
  • I'll say that if you're a mature 10-year-old or +, you can read it, but I don't rocommend it to under because of bad language and possible sex references.
  • I'll warn you now, it's quite a sad fanfic! So don't read it if you don't like being upset!
  • I'll also say that fans of Hiroto, beware! If you've read the summarry, I'm sure you'll have realized that Hiroto sufferes alot in this!

Beleiving you are wind, written in the stars forever, soaring together forever more... 14:52, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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