Gomen, but this chapter will probably suck. I know everything I've been writing lately has been absolute rubbish and I'm really sorry! I'll try to improve!


After what seems like an age, I hear the door open and Midorikawa walks in.

"I'm home, Hiroto-kun!" he calls "Hey! Where are you?"

"I'm in my room!" I call back, getting up and pretending to be reading hurriedly.

"Were you still asleep?" he asks me, laughing. I smile and laugh too

"Yeah, I was pretty tired" I reply, putting down the book I was pretending to read (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) and slowly standing up.

"What do you want to do?" he asks me, smiling his kawaii childish smile

"Are you hungry?" I ask him "I'll make some food for us".

Later, downstairs...

Wow, making pasta is harder than it looks...I hope Midorikawa won't mind that it looks like I literally threw it on the plate. I make my way out of the kitchen and push the lounge door open with my elbow. Midorikawa is sat watching Lion King (a movie me and him have always loved and watched together) and he greets me with his special grin

"That look yummy~" he comments, taking a plate out of my arms and sitting down at the coffee table to continue watching Simba and Nala go into the bone-yard. I smile and sit down next to him, watching the sweet animated movie happilly.

4 days later...

Midorikawa had developed a fever and was in bed, with Hiroto taking care of him. Hitomiko, Saginuma, Burn, Gazelle, Ulvida and everyone else were due to come home that evening.

"Here, eat up" I say gently, smiling as I feed him chicken soup. He eats it, smiling and also blushing slightly out of embarrasment.

"A-arigatou" he says, coughing as soon as he had finsihed his sentance. I gently rub his back as he coughs and splutters. I pick up the empty bowl and begin to walk out, turning and saying "I'll be just downstairs if you need me, you should get some sleep" then quietly closing his bedroom door. As I begin to climb down the stairs my leg starts panging agonizingly. I scream out in pain and I fall (Man, I REALLY wish our stairs were carpeted now!). My vision is blurry and my entire body is killing me, but I open my eyes and lean up as far as I can. My clothes are blood-stained and I have loads of bruises and large-ish cuts all over me. I glance down at my left leg, and come face-to-face with the worst. Most of the skin is ripped away, leaving a pure blood-filled mess and I'm pretty sure that the bones were shattered to pieces. I scream out in agony and my heads hits the floor hard. The last thing I hear is Midorikawa screaming my name and shuddering at the sight of so much blood.

To be continued...


Hopefully that was a bit better than the rubbish I've been writing lately~ I hope you enjoyed, please comment!

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