Here's my first attempt at a sad fanfic other than I Need You. Some bits are funny, but not many

STORY ~Chapter One~


Urgh! Life is SO BORING!! The Aliea calamity ended about 2 moths ago, but I still haven't ajusted to being back in Sun Garden. When we were in Aliea all we did was train, strut around looking bad-ass, and train some more.

"You ready, Hiroto?" Midorikawa's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah!" I replied, preparing to take my shot at the goal, that Saginuma was protecting.

"Gimme everything you got!" he yelled to me

"You know I will!" I yelled back, preparing to shoot "TENKUU OTOSHI V3!"

"Drill Smasher V4!" Saginuma's singature bursts out and makes instant impact with my shot, but Tenkuu Otoshi wins easily. I fall back to the ground and land on my feet with a thud. I wince in pain as my leg hurts me.


Huh? Hiroto looks as if he's hurt, the way he landed didn't look too good...


I run to catch up with Hiroto.

"Hiroto-kun!" I call out

"Yeah?" he turns around to face me, bewildered by the note of worry in my voice.

"Are you alright?" I ask him


Ulvida-chan glances down at my leg, she must have noticed me wince. I smile and lie, what else can I do? I can't let her worry about me, I'm fine.

"I'm fine" I say, with a fake laugh "Why wouldn't I be fine?"

"It's just, I saw the way you landed after your shot and you looked like you were hurt so-"

"I'm fine" I lie again, and I wave and walk off to my room. She gazes after me, I know she's worried. My leg is really hurting now, and I can't stand up. I sit on my bed and undo my cleats. I then take off my sock on my left foot, revealing a large bruise and a fairly deep cut. I wince again when I look at it. But I'm ditracted by a knock at my door. I hurriedly put my sock back on and open my door, trying to hide my limp. It's Hitomiko

"Hiroto" she says, a note of worry was in her voice too "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" I lie for the 3rd time today, and fake another smile.

"Are you sure? Ulvida told me that you were possible hurt"

"I'm not hurt at all, I'm absolutely fine!" I say again, trying to hide my wince as my leg throbs badly. Apparently, my poker face isn't as good as I thought it was

"Let me see your leg" Onee-san asks me, her worry rising

"I told you, I'm fine" I tell her insistantly - if she saw my leg, I knew she would FREAK OUT!

"Okay then" she sighs "I guess I have no reason not to beleive you"


"You're not done yet are you, Hiroto? We're just getting started!" Saginuma yells to me, as he sees me panting.

"No way" I reply, struggling to get up, but hiding it.

"Take another shot!" he shouts, and I nod. I run up preparing to shoot, but suddenly I feel a jolt of immense pain, then black.


I knew you were hurt, but I never expected you to be hurt so bad! I'm sat next to Hiroto-kun's hospital bed, crying. He collapsed on the field earlier, and I called the ambulance for him. The nurse, I think her name's Emi, said that Hiroto had a major leg injury, I can't beleive he never said anything about it! I cry harder, I know that Hiroto hated hospitals, and now he would be trapped in one for quite a while. Emi said that she could have healed Hiroto's injury quite quickly if he had come earlier, but now apparently, it was serious.

"Why?" I whisper to him, tears spilling from my cheeks "Why do that to yourself? Why?!"

To be continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed chapter 1~ Please comment!

Beleiving you are wind, written in the stars forever, soaring together forever more... 16:34, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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