Here's chapter four~ Hopefully I'll update I Need You next. Anyway - enjoy! ^^


"Hurry up!" I scream at Hitomiko as she drives us back home from our camp trip. We juust got a panicky call from Midorikawa asking desperately for us to help. Apparently Hiroto collapsed and fell down the stairs, and from what I gathered - he was seriously hurt.

"I'm going as fast as I can, and you screaming at me doesn't help!" Hitomiko yelled back, swerving and narrowly avoiding colliding with someone's garden fence

"We have to see if Midorikawa's okay" Saginuma said, and I hit him across the face bursting into tears.

"Hiroto just collapsed and fell down the stone stairs and all you can think about is Midorikawa!" I screech at him in disbeleif and anger. He blinks at me, obviously taken aback by my outburst.

"I'm sorry..." he apologizes, looking guilty for making me cry "I'm just worried about how Midorikawa's dealing with Hiroto being hurt. He cringes at the sight of the slightest bit of blood, let alone what he's possible facing now"

"We're here!" Hitomiko cries, practically throwing herself out of the car and sprinting into the house, me and Saginuma at her heels.

"Oh my God..." she cries in horror, bursting into tears. I look at Hiroto for about a second, then hastily turn away - I just can't take looking at him. He's sprawled out on the floor, face screwed up in agony and almost all of his body painted with blood.

"Hiroto!" I hear Saginuma scream and I glance round to see him run to Hiroto's side constantly calling his name. Hiroto...Why? Why did you overwork yourself? Why did you go so far?!

To be continued...


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