'Perfect Darkness' is a hissatsu tactics/shoot hissatsu made by me. It is used by Hana's team Mugen No Arashi and as a shoot it's used by Hana.


Hissatsu Tactics

Everyone in the team (including the GK but excluding Hana) forms a circle around the centre of the field. Hana runs into the middle and jumps up really high with the ball and spins 360 degrees. When she stops she does a backflip but stops when she's upside-down and kicks the ball at the ground. When the ball hits the floor there is a supernova explosion and all the team turn so they're facing out of the circle. The supernova explosion spreads all the way through the stadium, lighting it up brightly. When the light fades, so does the reast of the light in the stadium, leaving just darkness except for a dim purple glowing light emitting from the field, that only works for Mugen No Arashi. The oppsing team will be unable to see and therefore, unable to play properly although the Mugen No Arashi members possess the ability to see through the darkness. When this HT is used in the 1st half, it lasts till the second half and when it is used in the 2nd half it lasts till the end of the match. It's weakness is everytime the opponent scores, the light begins to come back a little (it takes 5 goals to fully regain the light).


Hana jumps up high with the ball so she's above but slightly in front of the goal. She spins 360 degrees then does a backflip, stopping when she's upside-down. She kicks the ball at the floor and it smashes down, cracking the ground. When the ground cracks, it throws the GK out of the way and leaves a clear path to the goal. The ball then floats back up to Hana surrounded by a silver-black-blue-purple aura. She then kicks it to the goal and the aura grows brighter and powers the shoot up. This shoots is almost guaranteed to work, but only Hana (dark and light aura) can use it.


  • This hissatsu is made fully by me
  • I'm sorry, but making a picture of this is impossible.

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 19:39, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

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