Pegasus Phoenix!

Pegasus Phoenix!

Pegasus Shot

Pegasus Shotto!

After Pegasus Phoenix

Domon,Ichinose and Nishigaki after Pegasus Phoenix~

Pegasus Phoenix (Pegasasu Fenikkussu) is a technique used by Unicorn in the fanfic "The new FFI!!!".


Jason FireBlaze (First Main User)

Ichinose Kazuya (Second Main User)

Domon Asuka (Partner)

Nishigaki Mamoru (Partner)


Ichinose,Jason,Nishigaki and Domon run up to the field, with Ichinose in ball control. Ichinose jumps up with the ball, and uses Pegasus Shot. While Ichinose shoots the ball forward, Jason, Domon and Nishigaki run with flames. The three jump up and set the Pegasus' wings aflame, and the Pegasus becomes red. At last, all four users kick the ball, (Jason above, Ichinose downwards, Domon right and Nishigaki left) to send the ball, followed by the Red Pegasus, to the goal.


Team: Unicorn

Evolution: Normal -> G2 -> G3 -> G4 -> G5 -> GX

Debut: Yet Unknown

Element: Fire


  • This Hissatsu is a combination of Tri Pegasus, The Phoenix and some other techniques.
  • This is a purely selfmade Hissatsu technique.
  • This Hissatsu can only be used when Jason is a Forward.
  • You can use this if you want, but please ask me on my Talk Page first!
  • I putted the "Information" part, because i did'nt want to use a Infobox, as there are three Pictures above.

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