"Ever wondered what happened during those 10 years after Tasuku had an accident and before Rese heads to Raimon? Well, this is the fanfic for you!~"


Main Plot

After Tasuku's disappearance, Rese is all alone once again..But 10 years is a lot of time for interesting and life-changing events to happen! What sort of adventures could Rese possibly face?! Join in the thrilling ride of these adventures!!

Main Protagonists

Main Antagonists

  • Garshield Bayhan

(Will be updated as the story goes on.)

Chapter 1: "An Avalanche of Adventure!"

"Days passed, the condition's getting worse. When Rese pays Hakuren a visit, she meets a lonely boy. As she leaves, she finally meets some other friends! Will friendship be the cure for taking away depressions?"

Notable/Main Characters

Another Note from Hungry4ramen~

'Sup, minna!!~ :3

Yeah, another one of my 2 new fanfics...

"What?! 2 New fanfics?!" -Yeah! Read this for more info!~

So there you have it! I hope the blog post was clear. For further questions, leave it in my talk page, or leave a comment below!

And yes, I'm accepting OCs right away!


Hungry4ramen 01:46, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

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