Otonashi Akimi is my first OC (Yay~). She is 7 1/2 years old and is a student at Rozuu~oru Elementary. She is the actual daughter of Haruna's parents, hence her name being 'Otonashi'.


Akimi's appearance is somewhat similar to Natsumi's. She has straight but slightly wavy light-auburn hair that passes her waist, with long bangs that reach her mouth but are swept to the sides with a few strands left in the

Kawaii Anime girl 3

Akimi's (uber kawaii) appearance~

middle. Two strands of her hair are cut shorter and lay on her front. Her eyes are the same colour as her hair but are slighly more orangy.

Her casual outfit consists of a silk, white dress with short, frilly sleeves and frills on the neckline and shoulderlines. Her dress very nearly reaches her knees.

She is sometimes seen holding a small, brown-and-blonde puppy that's her pet, named Mikki.


Akimi's personality is a bubbly, bright but quite shy little girl. She adores animals, especially puppies and kittens. Unlike Haruna, who is noisy and bouncy, Akimi lives up to her name - Otonashi, and is quiet and makes 'no sound'.

She has two pets - a baby puppy named Mikki, and a baby kitten named Kedama. In quite a few of her appearances, she is shown with Kedama and / or Mikki. She is a big fan of Inazuma Japan, and goes to all of the matches they play with her mother and father. Akimi is very proud to be the younger sister of 'Inazuma Japan's super-duper manager - Haruna-ne!!' and wishes to be a soccer team manager when she gets older.

Because she was born after Haruna was adopted by her parents, she believes that Haruna is her actual sister. She was told by Haruna that Kidou was her Onii-chan too and Akimi called him 'Onii-chan' and 'Kidou-ni', though she was still a bit scared by him.


  • Her name, Akimi, is the opposite of Haruna's name. Haruna means 'spring vegetables' when Akimi means 'autumn fruit'.
  • The picture doesn't belong to me, but I'm making some of my own pictures of Akimi.
  • She is often called 'Aki' by people.
  • She is a very good singer.
  • She loves small animals but is scared of bigger animals.
  • Akimi is quite popular, and is friends with Gouenji Yuuka and Yakami Jasmine.
  • Everything here other than the picture belong to me.
  • You're welcome to use Akimi, but please ask first and please don't pretend you or anyone else owns her!!

SkullCandy-hime 15:38, May 18, 2012 (UTC)

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