Olivia 'Livi' Natsukoi is the older sister of Loretta Natsukoi. She is 15 years old and is a 5th year at Sailor Star Academy. She is in the rythmic gymnastic club, the cheerleading club and the cooking club.


She has slightly wavy, white-blonde hair that reaches about a quarter of the way down her back with purple highlights and tips. She has silvery-blue eyes and quite long eyelashes. Her casual outfit consists of a white tank-top that shows her stomach a bit with a black waist-coat on top. She wears ripped and roughly cut jean short-shorts. She also wears black, purple and pink high-tops with magenta and burgundy laces and pale-blue trainer socks. Her swimwear is a magenta tankini with black shorts with a magenta belt. Her pyjamas are a black t-shirt with 'THE WANTED' written on it with a picture strip of all the members of that band and grey, baggy joggers. As her formal wear, she wears a sleevless, short gold-pink dress with a pouffy skirt. She also wears glitterry, gold, high-heels. Her school uniform is coloured light-pink and is a white blazer with a very plale pink shirt underneath, a light-pink necktie and a light-pink mini-skirt.


She's a bit sarcastic and makes remarks about pretty much everything. She's got a lot of energy when she needs it but usually doesn't apply herself to anything. She's obsessed with being better than Loretta and they usually argue and fight. She dislikes Loretta because Loretta was always favored by their parents and she was always getting into trouble, getting dirty and being 'too boisterous'.

After season 2, she is shown to be really good friends with Loretta. They had obviously put aside their differences and come to like each other a lot. She is also known to have a crush on Kazemaru.


Shiro Natsukoi - Younger twin brother

Loretta Natsukoi - Younger sister

Miwa Natsukoi - Mother, deceased

Darren Arella - Father


  • In the fanfic '~Life At Sailor Star~' she shares a dorm with Loretta, Tasuko, Natsuka and Sakura, despite them being in different years.
  • The pictures will be finished soon, I'm still drawing them~

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