I see no point in sitting there

screaming at each other. Why don't you do something constructive like kill each other?

– Naome Tsuki to Loretta Natsukoi and Fukitsuna Merodi

Noame Tsuki is the daughter of Noame Taki and Naome Ame, and the older sister of Noame Mizu and Noame Akua.

She is 14 years old and attends Sailor Star Academy as a Fourth-Year.

In GO! she is Gouenji's wife, so her name is changed to Gouenji Tsuki.


Noame Tsuki 1
Tsuki has midnight-blue, straight hair that nearly reaches her waist. Her bangs and fringe are blue as well but are a lighter shade. Her fringe-style is somewhat similar to Sakuma Jirou's. Her bangs reach her chin and are un-even.

She has midnight-blue eyes that fade out to dark-cyan at the bottom, and her eyelashes are very long. Her eyes are always quite cold and cruel, and creep a lot of people out.

Tsuki's casual outfit consists of a dark-purple t-shirt with black lace on the neckline, with a dark-blue dress over the top that reaches her knees and has black lace going up to her neck.

When playing soccer, she wears the Pandora Hearts female jersey.

Her school uniform is coloured blue and consists of a blue, pleated mini-skirt with the default white shirt and a blue bow on her neck. She also wears a very dark, blue blazer on top.


Tsuki is quite cold, cruel and somewhat mean. She is very smart and always comes top in classes, though she is still obsessed with being perfect and proving her abilities to her father.

She may be obnoxious, slightly snotty and mean at some time, though she is actually quite nice.

She often talks in a matter-of-fact tone, and thinks she is smarter than everyone.

She seems to dislike Loretta, and calls her 'Spoiled Brat', 'Money-Drowned Little Kid' etc. Though in the FFI she begins to like Loretta slightly more.

She is shown to have a slight crush on Kidou Yuuto, partly because he's rich too.


[DF] Coin Toss

[DF] Stone Skipping (With Merodi and Tatsuko)

[GK] Pandora Locket

[DF] New Moon (With Merodi and Tatsuko)


  • Her favorite colour is dark-blue.
  • All of her combination hissatsus are with Merodi and Tatsuko.
  • Despite being a DF, she has GK hissatsus.
  • A lot of people think she's a lot older than she is, because she acts very mature.
  • Her personality is extremely similar to Mint Aizawa from Tokyo Mew Mew.
  • Her name means 'April Showers'.
  • Her haircolour is a pun on her name. Her name basically means 'rain', and she has blue hair.
  • Feel free to use Tsuki, but please ask first!!

SkullCandy-hime 20:55, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

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