Nightmare Demons is a team that resides in a paralel world, Nightmarish Town in Inazuma 11: Chrono Breaker. This team is unique as they only have 4 human members & 7 non-human members. This is also the team that the protaganist must fight in the game.



  • Tyke Mic (Captain)
  • Ackoll
  • Bome


  • Kameroll
  • Mechamare 1-2


  • Mechamare 3-6


  • Mechamere 7



  • Vacuumize Shoot (Tyke Mic)
  • No more Light!!! (Tyke Mic)
  • Dual Bomb (Ackoll & Bome)
  • Innocence Breaker (Tyke, Kameroll, Ackoll & Bome)


  • Nightmare Illusion (Tyke or Ackoll or Bome)
  • Fearful Present (Kameroll)


  • Nightmare Fence


  • Nightmare Wall

Hissatsu Tactics

  • Mind Break Hymn (Kameroll & Mechamare 1-4)



  • Silent Gunner A (Ackoll)
  • Silent Bomber B (Bome)


  • Silent Killer, Acme (Ackoll & Bome)
    • Jasdevi Acme Bomb


  1. The members are based on D'grayman Antagonist:
    • Tyke Mic = Tyki Mykk
    • Kameroll = Road Kamelot
    • Ackoll & Bome = Jasdevi Twins
    • Mechamares = Level 3/2 Akumas.

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