Nature's Wrath is a keshin hissatsu by Kirino Ranmaru in my fanfic: The Generation Battle


Element: Wood Type: Shoot Hissatsu Secondary Type: Long Shoot, Keshin Hissatsu


  • Kirino Ranmaru


It is used when the Raimon (GO) team finally show their true strength in the semi-finals.


The user calls on forth some vines at first and finally calls upon the Nature and lots of plants attack and go to the goal.


This fanmade hissatsu is made by: AdventureWriter28 --♪AdventureWriter28♪ ♪(Fortissimo|Maestro)♪ 09:43, August 13, 2011 (UTC)


  • This fanmade hissatsu is NOT for adoption.
  • This is just a fanmade hissatsu so it really didn't appear in the anime nor in the game.

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