Natsuha Daiyama is a fanmade character by InazumaFan [signature:InazumaFan here!! (Know me) (Talk to me) (My Contributions) ] and a doppelganger of Ono Fuyuka.


She is a young, friendly person ready to help anyone, regardless of the situation.


Ko natsuha

Young Natsuha and her cat, chiisai

See image.


She was first seen by Haruka taking a stray cat under her care. She was touched by this, and become friends.

Suddenly, they find it surprising to see again... being Raimon classmtes! She has a bit of a crush on Kazemaru, but she have Haruka have him. She feels bit jealous of Haruka, but she was completely clueless that Kazemaru has a crush on her. Though he feels jealous, she seems to let Haruka do what she wanted to.


  • Like Akimi, her name is a complete opposite of Fuyuka's name.
  • She owns a cat named Chiisai.
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