Nano Ring
First appearance The Dream(Old Dark Dragons Fanfic)/ Enter, Nano Ring! (New version of Dark Dragons Fanfic)
Created by NanoForever
Voiced by NanoForever
Team/s The Dark Dragons
Element Earth/ Darkness
Number 10/ 9
Position FW-(Forward)
Full Names Nano Zack Ring
Japanese Name Nano Ring
English Name Nano Ring
Nickname/s Honey
Age 13
Birthdate 24/ Dec.
Birthplace Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Alexis Ring (Lexi) (cousin) Nabi Ring (sister) Mary Johns (mother/ Mrs.Ring) Zack Ring (father/ Mr. Ring) Midorikawa Ryuuji (cousin)
Family The Ring Familly
School/Class The Mapple School/ 1B

She is the 'Main Character' in The Dark Dragons/ The Dark Dragons~ (Restart) , and the captain of the team.


When Nano was 4, she had a sister name, Nabi. Nano and her familly decided to go camping. But, one night, someone stole Nabi and disappeared. In the morning, Nano and her parents got worried, they looked everywhere, but, they couldn't find Nabi.


She is very kind, smart and helpful. She gets mad at times, but if you get used to her, she won't get mad at you. She loves the color green alot and hates the color pink alot. Nano can get very helpfull at times and is always there for her team- mates, friends and familly.


She has green eyes and brown hair tied into a ponytail. She always wear a red hand-band on her right arm. And she has bangs on the right side of her head, and she wears glasses sometimes.

Her casuals is a light blue T-Shirt with the letter N on it colored green and blue pants that reaches 'till her knees and wears green sneakers.

Sometimes, in the cold weather or when she's cold, she wears a purple hoodie with green stripes on the back of the cap.

Apperance (Dark Form)

Her hair turns black and her eyes turn red. Her clothes chages completely, into a black shirt that goes up until the top of her stomach with black leather tights, and Black sneakers with a yellow star on them. And, she also wears black gloves that continues to twist with a black stripe until her elbow. And she wears a short red cape.

Personality (Dark Form)

Nano becomes rude and tough on her opponent. She is no longer a very kind and helpful girl. But, she is still very smart, even smarter and stronger than her orginal form.



- She's 13 years old.

- She has crush on Aphrodi.

- Her cousin is Midorikawa.

- She is in other team that inculdes Black Hawks, Kaiousei Gakuen, Universe Elements and Magic Water(Team).

- She is chilidhood friends with Athena Takewood.

- If you copy the ideas or notes about this character, I won't be happy at all.

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