Nagumo Haruka

Haruka's Appearance

'Nagumo Haruka' is the younger twin sister of Nagumo Haruya. She is 14 years old, like Haruya. Just as Haruya is almost always referred to as 'Burn', his alien name, most people refer to her as 'Blaze', her alien name. She is known to favor the color red and is best friends with Suzuno Fuyukoi. She was formerly the co-captain of Prominence, then the ace striker of Chaos but now she is a member of Fire Dragon.


Her hair stronly resembles Burn's, though her's is waist-length. Also, she wears a silver-blue butterfly clip on her fringe. Her eyes are the same golden-amber as her brother's but she has longer eyelashes and her eyebrows are smaller and lighter. Her casual outfit consists of a black, silk, short dress with slightly puffy sleeves and a slim, black ribbon tied around the waist. She doesn't wear shoes most of the time, but when she does she wears small, black ballerinas, without any ribbon.


She has a fiery passion and will always stand up for what is right, but is mostly quite collected and calm unlike her hot-headed brother. She is normally sort-of loud and happy, but she does get annoyed and angry at times. She is known to be great at pep-talks and has an awesome ability to give people courage, no matter what the situation.


Fire Tornado [SH]

Atomic Flare [SH]

Flame Dance [DF]


  • Her favorite color is known to be red, though she wears the color black a lot.
  • Some people nickname her 'Goth-girl' because of her wearing dark colors and having a slightly agressive personality.
  • A few people also call her 'Hono-Hiyoko' due to her being fire element, favoring the color red and always using fire hissatsus (Hono-Hiyoko translates to 'Blaze Girl').
  • She is best friends with Suzuno Fuyukoi.
  • She is made fully by me.
  • Feel free to use her, but please ask first!!!
  • 'Haru' in her name means 'spring'.

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 19:57, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

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