Woohoo! Chapter 2! And This Is Based A Rp Me And My Friends Play!

The Plot For This Chapter:

Just As Prowers Is Gonna Fineshed Eliza And Mark,Another Person Comes In The Battle! But Wait..Is This A Ally Or Enemie!? And,The Past Of Prowers Is Revealed In This Chapter!

Chapter 2:The Past

Prowers:What Do You Want Onee-Chan?

Eliza:Thats Your...Onee-Chan!? You Said Your A Orphan!

???:She Was A Orphan...

Mark:Was? Anyways Who Are You!?

???:Names Matt..Matt Gemini.Im Her Onee-Chan...

Mark:*Stands Up* Can You Explain What Is Going On With Your Sis??

Matt:When Were Little,There Was A Vilage Fire And It Speard To Our House...Our Parents Died In The Fire But Me And My Sister Survived...And We Got Seperated In-

But Before Matt Could Finnish,Prowers Shooted A Ball At Him.


Matt:Hmph!*Catches The Ball With Ease* When Are You Gonna Stop Prowers!?

Prowers:shut Up! iL Do What I Please!

Matt:*Kicks Ball At Prowers*

Prowers:*Blocks Like Nothing*Hmph!

Matt:Grr...*Charges At Prowers*

Prowers*Charges At Matt With The Ball*

Matt:*Kicks The Ball At Prowers Feet*

Prowers:*Does The Same*Tchaa!!

Matt:I Wont Let You Hurt Anyone!

Just As They Were Fineshed,A Strike Of Lightning Hits The Clash Of The Siblings.

Matt:Waaaaaa!*Gets Striked Away*

Prowers:Gaaaaaah!!!!*Gets Blowend Away*

Mark:Matt!*Goes To Matt*

Eliza:Prowers!*Goes To Prowers*

Prowers:*Eyes Turn Normal* W-What..?

Prowers:I-Im...Sorry...*Runs Away*

Matt:Prowers!*Runs After Prowers* Sorry Guys! I Need To Go!

Eliza:This Is...My Fault..

Mark:No Its Not!

Eliza:Yes It Is...Im Going Home..*Goes Home*


The End

Thats It For This Chapter! Thanks For Reading!

Opinions And Suggestions Are Welcomed! =D

Next Time..

After Prowers Realize Her Doings,She Goes Away But..To Where? And A Enemy From The Past Is Here!What Does He Want now? Find Out In The Next Chapter! --"Im Gonna Reach For The Stars!...Although They Look Pretty Far~ 09:02, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

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