Hey! Guys This Is A Rp Fanfic Cause Me And My Friends Were Playing RP So I Wanted To Make A fanfic!^^ hope Ya Enjoy

Plot For This Chapter

One Day,Two Best Friends Named:Elizabeth And Mark Were Practicing Soccer.Then A Mistryerious Person Arrived.Who Wanted Revenge...But For What!? They Are All Confused And The Person Was Acctualy Prowers A Friend Of Mark And Eliza..But Eliza And Mark Were..Well I Dont Wanna Spoil So Heres The Story!

Chapter 1:Revenge

Eliza:Whats Wrong Mark?(Note Eliza And Mark Are My FRIENDS)


Eliza:You Sure? Your More Quiet Than Ussual..

mark:I Know..

Eliza:*In Mind:Somethings Wrong*

???:*Appears Out Of Shadows*

???:Eliza I Asume?*Points At Eliza*

Eliza:Who Are You?

???:You Dont Remember?

Eliza:Remember What!?

???:Your The One Alright...

Eliza:What Do You Mean?

???:Do You Remember...THAT YOU BULLIED ME!?

Eliza:What The...Your Insane! I Dont Know You At All!

???:Fine My Name Is Gemini Prowers....Ring Any Bells?

Eliza:*Thinks To The Past*

The Past:

Eliza:Hey! What Are You Doing!?

???:come On Liz,This Girl Is A Baby

Prowers: No Stop It!

Prowers:Eliza Your My Friend..Stop Them!

Eliza:I Wish I Could...

  • Flashback Ends*

Mark:*Eyes Are Closed*

Eliza:I...I Remember...

Prowers:I Was Just A Orphan At School....You Were My Friend...But You Changed...

Eliza:Prowers..Im So S-

Prowers:Sorry Doesnt Cut It!

Mark:*Still Keeps Eyes Closed*

Prowers:I..Want Revenge....You Were Part Of A Bullie Group!

Eliza:What!? I Was Only Part Of One Group And That Group Was Andrews Group!

Prowers:Andrews Was A Bully Too!*Eyes Turn Purple*


Prowers:*Gets A Soccer Ball At Shoots It At Elizas Stomach*

Eliza:GAH!!*Gets Hit And Lands On Back*

Mark*Open Eyes and Sees Elizas Hurt*ELIZA!!

Mark:*Goes To Eliza* Are You Okay?

Prowers:Its Your Turn Mark!

Mark:What Did I Do!?

Prowers:*Gets The Soccer Ball Again And Jumps And Kicks it Down On The Ground Causing A Shockwave.The Shockwave Blows Mark Back*

Mark:Woah!*Gets Blowend Away*

???:Stop It Prowers!


the End

Its Fineshed! Hope Ya Like It! --"Im Gonna Reach For The Stars!...Although They Look Pretty Far~ 16:27, April 25, 2012 (UTC)(BTW My Path Of Soccer Is The 500Th Page! Yay!!

Next Time...

Just As When Prowers Is Gonna Fineshed Eliza And Mark...Another Person Comes In The Battle But How Does This Guy Know Prowers? And What Does Prowers Intend To Do With Mark And Eliza?What Will This Person Do? How Will Eliza And Mark Get Out Of This Mess? Find Out Your Self On The Next Chapter!

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