Hiya minna~ Back with another yaoi fanfic! Like all my yaoi fanfics, it's Hiroto x Midorikawa but I'm planning to do another yaoi pairing soon~ (Please vote in the comments which couple I should do!) This fanfic is based after Aliea Academy. WARNING: Yaoi and bad language! Enjoy~

Chapter One - An Accidental Kiss~

"Hiroto!" Midorikawa called out again, looking around in an attempt to find his red-headed boyfriend. Hiroto had gone shopping a while ago and hadn't come back, Midorikawa was wandering around town trying to find him. He turned another corner and scanned the area, and caught a glimse of red hair from behind a sakura tree.

"Hiroto-kun!" Midorikawa cried, running around the sakura tree but stopping dead in his tracks. The scene that met him made him want to scream in rage - Hiroto was kissing some random girl!

"HIROTO!!" Midorikawa screamed, practically blazing with anger. Hiroto looked shocked at the sight of the greenette and angrily shoved the girl away "HOW DARE YOU!!!"

"Ryuu-chan, I swear it isn't what it looks like..." Hiroto cried

"DON'T 'RYUU-CHAN' ME!!!!!" Midorikawa screached "WHO THE HELL IS THAT BITCH?!"

"I don't know" Hiroto replied, once again shoving the girl away as she tried to hug him

"Who's this boy, Darling?" the girl asked innocently, fluttering her eyelashes

"I don't know you!" Hiroto cried "I swear I don't know her!"

"You seem to know her pretty well, kissing her and her calling you 'darling'!!" Midorikawa yelled, before storming off

"He seems like a right idiot" remarked the girl, and Hiroto slapped her in the face

"Ouch!" she cried "What was that for? Did I do something wrong?" The girl pouted

"Get outta my sight!!!!!" Hiroto yelled at her, shoving her away and running off in the direction Midorikawa went in.


"Ryuu-chan, please let me in!" Hiroto called again, hammering on Midorikawa's bedroom door

"Piss off" Midorikawa replied in a dark voice "And don't call me 'Ryuu-chan'!"

"Urgh ,fine. Midorikawa please let me in!" Hiroto yelled, hammering harder on the door

"No" Midorikawa replied simply, his voice still cruel

"I'm not leaving till you let me in!" Hiroto said "I'll set up camp out here if that's what it takes!"

"Enjoy your campfire and s'mores!" Midorikawa snapped. Hiroto groaned - this wasn't gonna be easy.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you liked it! Please comment~

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