Ya, minna~!

I've noticed loads of people have been making pages for their fanart, so I decided to make one too~!

There arent many pictures at the moment but hopefully there'll be loads soon!


I'm happy to take requests if anyone has any~ I've realized that all my computer art is rubbish, so I'll do all requests on paper~ I can do either canon characters or OCs if you want me to do a canon character please put the name of the character and then maybe a link to a base picture.

For OCs

Name: (Last, first)


Text: (Any text you want on the picture, like the name of the character or a special message? Please put it here! I'm happy to write in Japanese, and I can draw kanji if you want)

Hair syle:

Hair color(s):

Eye color(s): (If you want, I can do eyes in different colors)

Outfit: (Please put a lot of detail, including colors and lengths)

Shoes: (Socks are optional. If you want socks please put lengths and colors)



Extra info:


Snapshot 20120508 1

~Aki Tatsuko & Loretta Natsukoi~




Signature & Notes

  • Since I don't have any OCs yet (other than Megami Tenshi) most of the OCs I draw will be Mika's.
  • All of this art was drawn by me, I can assure you I haven't copied or used other people's work (Well, on a few of the drawings Mika drew faces and stuff but excluding her).
  • PLEASE don't use these pictures and pretend they were drawn by you and / or belong to you.
  • You're allowed to use these pictures, but PLEASE ASK ME FIRST!!!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 17:09, May 8, 2012 (UTC) (~Ketsurui~)

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