Hi Guys! This Is a Request For IE Wallapaper But not Fanmade But Il Make It Soon.anyways If u Have a request Put it in the Comment section Below! Heres Mine so far!

My Wallapapers

  • Cool.Nuff Said
  • Heavens Time Like a Boss
  • awwww....Kawaii!! >,<
  • Sleeping On the job Hiroto..Hmmmmm???
  • Yay Fubuki!
  • The Reicarnation Of Kazemaru
  • KAZE-CHAN!!!(Im such A Fangirl XD)
  • Atsuya Wallpaper
  • Guess Who This Is......
  • Inazuma Girls!
  • No Words Can Describe This Awesome Photo
  • Gangstar Fideo FTW!
  • Rockstars!
  • Max


Well I Hope you have a request! I Dont Mind ow Much! Well Please comment THANKS!

"Im Gonna Reach For The Stars!...Although They Look Pretty Far~ 17:08, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

How To Request

Character(s) In The wallaper:Ex:Hiroto

Hissatsu(s)(Optional):Ex:Ryuusei Blade


Fanmade Art Or Anime Art Or Consplay:Ex:Fanmade Art

Otheres:Just Put Some Other Infomation in Your Comment thats Not here!

Well thats It! Il try to find The Best Pic For You Guys!Please Pic! Thanks!"Im Gonna Reach For The Stars!...Although They Look Pretty Far~ 17:37, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

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