Mikazuki Mangetsu
Mikazuki Mangetsu
First appearance An unexpected ally
Created by Hikari
Voiced by Chie Nakamura

Stephanie Sheh(dub)

Team/s Black Hawks
Element /
Number /
Position Manager
Full Names Mikazuki Mangetsu
Japanese Name 満月 三日月
English Name Mikazuki Mangetsu
Nickname/s ?
Age 13
Birthdate 21 March
Birthplace Waterlyn City
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives /
Family /
School/Class Ravendale Academy, 1D
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

–Mikazuki Mangetsu, in Legend of the Black Hawks

Mikazuki Mangetsu is a manager of the Black Hawks.


She has short green hair and longer bangs on the sides. Her eyes are brown, but have a little red-like undertone. She also has a rather pale skintone. She wears the Ravendale Academy uniform. In her casuals, she wears a half yellow, half purple dress and purple boots.

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