Meteor girls

Meteor Girls

Meteor Girls is a fanfiction made by InazumaFan. Have a nice time reading it!

Setting: In Raimon about a year after the FFI Arc, a new school year

Here Starts Part 1!

What Makes Haruka a Girl

In Raimon comes a girl with a magenta hairclips and short, brown hair.

"Wow, such magnificent school! It was better than I expected!" This girl, named Haruka Ko, happily remarked.

And then she meets a girl who bears a resemblance to Fuyuka. Then Haruka remembers a girl with a short purple hair 5 years ago, picking up a stray neko.

"Wait! Are you someone I knew before?" Haruka suddenly asked.

"Well... umm... Wait. Aye you the person I saw 5 years ago when I first got Chiisai?" She replied with a question.

"Chiisai who?"

"The kawaii orange neko..."

"Ahhh, so you really are the Purple Summer girl I saw before!"

"It's Natsuha Daiyama. Just call me Natsuha."

"Natsuha, huh? Not a bad name."

And while they are walking around, she saw a tall girl with a long, pink hair, whom Haruka became a friend before.


Coming soon: Where the ends meet


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