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  • Hello founder of this wiki ! :) My epic best friend ( was been banned by Kotoni but everybody like it because he is too nice and soo awesome (and I want he continue his awesome fanfic Densetsu no Arashi) so pliz pliz pliz unbann him ! ;(

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  • Hi there AdventureWriter28, listen I'm quite concered about the Admin positions at the moment. If your thinking it, no I'm not requesting to be one myself but it's rather regarding to the positions your handing out to. I think it's really risky that your deciding to hand out Admin positions to users such as Senpai-Kouhai and Kenji-san, if he's not thinking about taking one.

    Why I'm that concered is that they could take the Admin position as an advantage over other users and this Wiki due to the fact they have done illegal things on here previously. So I believe that it's a wise decision to watch what you are doing with these roles and who you are handing them out to, because it could have a big impact on everyone else here.

    A suggestion is that maybe you can limit the amount of positions you can give away for now and keep a close eye on how those users who want the positions behave towards others. However, if you think you got it all under control then that's fine by me. You can disreagared this message at any time.



    Endou Sprite01 It's a me, Maki! God Hand! Seigi no Tekken! Ijigen The Hand!

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    • Ah, don't worry, I'm not giving any positions right now. And what I did is just trying to encourage them to do better. Of course I'd still re-evaluate them and see if their fit.

      Thanks for the concern! And for the most part, I only hand out admin positions when a person can prove that he/she can do something whilst being in that position. (E.G. Fubuki = Coder, Zcyler = Former admin and has experience, Kotoni = Active admin).

      I also have standards. If your worried at the message I left him, I'm just trying to encourage but I'd still evaluate a person if they are fit. I appreciate the concern and information about the user.

      The message I left him is: Ah well... I don't give the admin position out right now. I think we have active admins around like Kotoni, and even though me, Zcyler and Fubuki aren't editing, we can reply any time. But thanks for asking the position! If the position is open, I'll ask you again if you want it.

      I have to admit I made a mistake on not clearing the last part on the position of not adding that I evaluate people. I hope my message to him didn't trouble you too much.

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