Megami Tenshi is an OC that is due to appear in ~Life At Sailor Star~ and possibly other fanfics. She attends Rozuu~oru Elementary and is a big fan of the team Pandora Hearts. She is 4

years old.

Megami 1

Megami's appearance

Megami Tenshi 2

Megami in GO!


She has long, straight, burgundy hair that she ties into two loose plaits with white ribbon. She has dark blue-black eyes that always have a somewhat sad and hypnotized appearance and her right eye is covered by her long fringe. Her usual outfit is a pale-pink, silk dress with a silk ribbon on the neckline and buttons running down to above her waist. She doesn't wear shoes or socks, so she always has bare feet.

In GO!, her hair now passes her waist, and has lightened in colour. She no longer ties it up, and leaves it down instead. She also changes the style of her fringe, so a it's halfed on either side, and one strand hangs down in the middle. Also, her bangs neaten and shorten slightly.

Her casual wear is now a purply-bluish-grey hoodie, with a fluffly inside and a fluffy white hood. She also wears a pair of white jeans, and grey-purple Ug Boots with multi-coloured pom-poms on them.


She's very shy and quiet, because when she was 3 she witnessed her parents being murdered and got traumatized. Her eyes always have a hypnotized and blank look in them, that creeps a lot of people out so she doesn't have many friends. She cries a lot and is scared of most people, usually tearing up and running away when strangers talk to her or try to interact. Megami has trust issues and hides in dark places sobbing when she gets scared or upset. Although, when she does trust people and doesn't get scared in their presence (which usually takes a long time) she's very kind, sweet, bright, happy and friendly.


Megami Dura - Father (deceased)

Megami Cho - Mother (deceased)


  • Cookies
  • Teddies
  • Soft / comfy things / places
  • Elegant things
  • Ballet
  • The colors pink and cyan
  • Chocolate


  • Loud noises
  • Hard or uncomfortable things / places
  • Scary things
  • Blood
  • People being hurt or people in pain
  • The colors green and orange


  • She is usually thought to be three years old because she's small and frail.
  • She is sometimes referred to as 'Kawaii~Koneko' because she's cute and resembles a kitten (Kawaii Koneko translates to Cute Kitten).
  • The basic idea, personality idea and appearance idea all belong to Mika-chan.
  • Megami translates to 'goddess'.
  • Tenshi translates to 'angel'
  • Her full name means 'Goddess of Angels'.
  • Feel free to use Megami, but please ask me or Mika first.

"あなたは私を撃ち落とすことができますが、私が落ちませんが、私はチタンです。" 16:17, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

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