Wow, I've only done the prologue of one fanfic and haven't even started the other - yet I'm now creating another one! I'll probably ask Loretta-chan to write some of it~

WARNING - Bad laguage, violence and sex.

This is set 3 years after the FFI (so all the characters will be around 17).

When this is set Furaku Reina is pretty much 17, and Furaku Yuuka is 13.


I stared in amazement as she opened her bathrrom door and walked into her bedroom. I was speechless, I couldn't believe she had actually done it! Her hair used to be wavy, neat and brown, but now it was dead-straight, gothic and coloured black with rainbow highlights. She smirked

"Like it?" she asked, throwing a few strands to her back

"Y-yeah! You look amazing!" I said. To be honest, I wanted her hair to be normal again, I wanted her to be normal again. Nowadays, when I looked at her I didn't see my older sister - I saw the demon that had been feeding on her for years.

My name is Furaku Yuuka, and I just fully lost my older sister to the darkness...


Furaku Reina has been taunted, teased and abused by her parents all of her life. When she was 10 she was brought to Sun Garden Orphanage and lived there. She hated being the same as so many people, and was determined to be different. As she grew up other children taunted her and beat her up a lot, and she began to develop a 'dark side'. Her younger sister Furaku Yuuka admired her but now she is sorta scared of her, though she stays loyal and tags along with Reina no matter what. When Reina reached 15, her dark side took over fully and she became a dark and gothic demon-like girl. When Yuuka reached 12, she began to miss her old innocent and sweet sister, and was determined to get her back.

Though as Reina begins to grow almost criminal, will Yuuka be able to stop her before she goes too far?


Furaku Yuuka

Furaku Reina

Kira Rene

Kira Hitomiko

Fudou Akio

Kiyama Hiroto

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Nagumo Haruya / Burn

Suzuno Fuusuke / Gazelle

Probably more

Signature and Notes

  • I know the plot sounds like it sucks but I promise when lengthened into a fanfic it'll be a lot better!
  • As I said, there'll be sex, violence and bad language!
  • The fanfic is by me AND Mika so please don't give me all the credit ^^

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 17:14, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

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