This is chapter 2 of the fanfic, "Let's Play Soccer! The Twisted Adventure!"

Here's the summary of the story and its chapters so far..Let's Play Soccer! The Twisted Adventure! Summary


"Haha! Can you do this?" Suzuno bragged.

"Wow! That's so cool! Where'd you learn that, Suzuno? Of course I can't do that!!" Rese laughed.

The two seemed to enjoy playing together. But then suddenly...

"Hey, Rese! Pass it here!" Suzuno shouted.

"Uh, oh, yeah! Here it comes!" Rese replied.

Rese kicked the ball too high! "Uh oh.." Rese said "H-hey! W-watch out!!" She added.

"Ouch!! H-hey! Who hit me with this-- ooh, a soccer ball!"

Another young boy of Suzuno and Rese's age appeared. However, this boy had a different aura...the opposite of Suzuno's. Suzuno may be cool, calm, and collected, but this boy was fiery, hot-headed and had a short fuse.

"Ah! A-are you okay?! I-i'm so sorry!" Rese said, worried.

"Hmph. Yeah, yeah, whatever. You think THAT would hurt me easily?!" The young boy said.

"Hey, do you play soccer, too?" Suzuno asked.

"Heh. Well, isn't it OBVIOUS?!" The young boy said in reply.

"What's with that attitude of yours?!" Suzuno said, angrily.

"Woah, woah, w-wait e-enough, you two," Rese said, trying to stop the two boys fighting. "H-how 'bout telling us your name?" She added.

"Heh. Nagumo Haruya. Remember it." The young boy said.

"Rese..I don't like his guts.." Suzuno whispered.

"It's alright, Suzuno..Hopefully he'll have a change of heart.." She replied; "D-do you wanna play with us?"

"Play? With YOU?! I don't think so!" Nagumo said, snickering.

"Oh, now you've said it...!" Suzuno threatened.

"What are you gonna do now, Suzuno-kun?" Nagumo laghed.

"Hey! Stop it! Now!" Rese shouted.

Finally..some peace and silence..

"Fine, I'll play with you, sorry-lookin' chumps." Nagumo said.

"Grr.. I-i don't think I can stand this. I-i'm going home." Suzuno said silently.

"No, Suzuno, he'd tease you more if you go home.." Rese answered.

Nagumo seemed to have seen the kindness and gentleness of the two.

"Hey! Errr..As much as I don't wanna say this, but err...I-i-i'm sorry." Nagumo stuttered.

"Heh. It's okay. I guess I can forgive you.." Suzuno said.

"Nagumo! Suzuno!~" Rese said happily.



Well, that's the end of the 2nd chapter.. Tell me what you think of it!!~

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I might be accepting OCs in chapter 5 or 6 though.

Thanks for readin'! Hungry4ramen 07:39, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

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