This is Chapter 1 of the fanfic, "Let's Play Soccer! The Twisted Adventure!" Here's the summary of the whole story and its chapters so far...Let's Play Soccer!~ The Twisted Adventure! Summary


A warm afternoon, at last! A perfect day to play soccer..

"U-um hi! My name's Rese Hanikamiya! I-i love to play soccer! Yeah... B-but more like, my brother introduced me to soccer. And I'm really grateful for that!"

This young girl had a pretty normal life, until one day her parents didn't come back from a trip. All that's left is her older brother, trying to keep her happy and doing chores, errands and important matters..But what's bad, her brother's only a few months older than her! A young boy, doing all that..

"Haha!~ This is so fun!~" Rese said, playing by herself. "W-waaah!" The soccer ball was rolling towards the sea.

"H-hey! W-waaaait!!!" Rese screamed.

-FWOOOOOOOOSH- A gust of wind passed by her!

"Wh-what was that?! He-hey! The soccer ball! I-it's gone!" Rese said, confused.


"Hehe, lookin' for this?"

Rese heard someone talk. This person was right behind her, but she didn't notice anything!!

She turned around and saw a young boy, of her age, tall, slender, and with a friendly smile on his face.

She blushed as she didn't know what to say. She never saw anyone else in town, except for her brother!

"Uh, y-yeah..Th-thank you.." She said.

The young boy swiftly dodged her and dribbled the ball with skill.

"You play soccer?" The young boy asked.

"Y-yeah, but I never got any real practice b-because I don't know anyone else here in town, except for my brother..A-and he's pretty busy, so...." Rese replied.

"Heh. I can practice with you! Oh! Errr, where are my manners? My name's Suzuno Fuusuke..What's your name?" The young boy blushed as he never forgot to introduce himself before.

"Really?! Th-thank you! Errr, I'm Rese Hanikamiya... N-nice to meet y-you, Suzuno-kun!~" She said back.


Yep, that's chapter 1~ Please tell me what you think of it! I will allow some OC's soon, but not now yet... I'll be informing you guys when I can allow some OCs in my fanfic.

Thanks for reading, andI hope you'll like the rest of the story, too!!~

Hungry4ramen 07:39, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

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