Black Hawks

The Black Hawks!!!

So... This is my very first fanfic and I don't have a lot of time to write 2-3 chapters in one day(mainly because of admin work on 2 wiki's and school). Well, I hope you enjoy~


The story revolves around a girl named Hikari Royaldi(me) who just transferred to a new school(Ravendale Academy). She meets new people and starts the soccer club of the school. Little by little, the team learns about the truth, the accident, that happened 13 years ago, and about themselves as well... But can you trust everyone, or are there traitors here?

Fanmade Characters


  1. The legend reborn
  2. Finding friends
  3. An unexpected ally
  4. Fighting for a goal
  5. My friend, a traitor?
  6. Trust, distrust and...
  7. Fading darkness
  8. Remember when...
  9. Black tears and red snow
  10. Mystery solved(?)
  11. Aim for the top!
  12. ????????????

Hikari Talk 15:13, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

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