Do you want to learn to cook well? Do you want to learn to cook really well? Well, this is NOT the course for you!

This is just a one-shot written out of pure boredom, involving the Inazuma Girls (along with a few of me and Mika's OCs) teaching us how to cook!

WARNING: The cooking instructors are rubbish chefs, sooo...I wouldn't try eating the food if you make it~!!


* Raimon Natsumi (Age 14)

* Otonashi Haruna (Age 13)

* Kino Aki (Age 14)

* Kiyama Sakura (Age 12)

* Kira Kyandi (Age 13)

* Ono Fuyuka (Age 14)

* Yuki Kiseki (Age 13, Hostess)

Ready...Steady...Throw some random stuff in a pan and chuck it in the oven!!

Natsumi: Where the Hell are we?!

Aki: I have no idea...

Haruna: It looks like a mansion!!

Kyandi: Who cares? It looks all old-fashioned and sissy-ish!

Sakura: I think it's quite nice...

Kiseki: About time you girls arrived!!

Natsumi: Why on Earth did you bring us here! I want to leave!!

Kiseki: No-one cares, Princess

Natsumi: How da- *Kiseki puts her hand over her mouth*

Fuyuka: Um, would you mind telling us where we are?

Natsumi: And why we're here!

Kiseki: You're here to teach our readers how to cook!

Kyandi: What readers? *Looks to her side and sees you* GAAH!!

Sakura: Eep!! *hides behind Aki*

Kiseki: *Points at you* Now, you girls have to teach him/her how to cook well!

Haruna: Are you sure that'll go well with Natsumi-ne involved?

Natsumi: *Mouth still covered by Kiseki and speaks in muffled voice* OI!

All except Natsumi: *Snigger*

You: Can we just get to the cooking?

Kyandi: Gaah!! Who are you?!

You: Doesn't matter. Just cook!

Kiseki: Mister/Miss Reader Person is right~!! Let's cook!

Haruna: What are we going to be cooking?

Kiseki: I made groups for you all, you'll all cook different things

Kii: And the groups are...?

Kiseki: *Speaks really fast* Aki, Natsumi, Fuyuka - Team Managers. Kyandi, Haruna, Sakura - Team Peguin-Lovers. Got it?

Kyandi: Um, what?

Kiseki: Go, go, go!!

All except Kiseki: *Run to kitchen station in their groups and put aprons on*

Kiseki: Team Managers - You'll be making onigiri, but shape it into cute shapes and decorate it~!!

Team Managers: Right!

Kiseki: Team Peguin-Lovers - You'll be making penguin-shaped and peguin-decorated cookies~!!

Team Penguin-Lovers: YAY~!!!


SkullCandy-hime 20:53, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

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