Kyūkyoku no faiyāsutoraiku

The Keshin

Kyūkyoku no hi-nushi (Ultimate Fire Lord) is Jason FireBlaze's Keshin.

The Hissatsu is called Kyūkyoku no faiyāsutoraiku (Ultimate Fire Strike) and Flaming Arrow.


As Goalkeeper (Ultimate Fire Strike)

Jason Lifts his right hand up and his left arm into a bow ( | O_| ). Then,he jumps up,and the left and right arms form a shield and sword respectively. Then,the Keshin appears and he throws the shield and the sword up high,they grow gigant and the Keshin catches them.Then,when the ball is hitting the Keshin,The knight slashes the ball with his shield and in heavy cases also his sword.If this fails,the Keshin dissapears and Jason may not be able to use it in less then 5 minutes again.

As Forward (Flaming Arrow)

Jason puts both hand to his sides ( _O_ ).Then,his armes are covered in flames.The flames rise up to the sky and form a big black armour.The knight then gets a sword,flames form a cape and the knight is ready to strike. Jason jumps up in the sky,hitting the ball with the same movements as Divine Arrows,but with each kick,the knight slashes the ball.At the last kick,the sword is covered in flames,the knight stabbs the ball and the ball flies forward.

As Tactic

As Tactic,the knights are wandering around,marking all players,giving Jason the chance to steal the ball. However,if the opponent dodges Jason's sliding/tackle, there appear more knights who also slide or tackle the opponent and try to steal the ball.Of course,other people can join and act like the Knights.


  • This Keshin Hissatsu is fully made by me.
  • If you want to know,i used Google translate for the name.
  • This is one of the strongest Fire Keshins,and also of the Goalkeeper Keshins.
  • However,There are more Forward Keshin's that are equal or even stronger.
  • I own all credits,except for the picture.
  • This Hissatsu can also be used as Tactic,But then there are more knights,they are weaker and they are around the same length as Hermes and Apollo from Zeus.

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