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Kurusu Himawari (来栖 向日葵; dub: Elliana Versole) is an original character still unrevealed in the Rekindled Memories Inazuma Eleven storyline.

Zenjitsu Raika
Kurusu Himawari
First appearance TBA
Created by Raizza Eclipse
Voiced by Harada Hitomi
Team/s ~
Element Wood/Nature
Number 06 (not soccer)
Position ~
Full Names Himawari Kurusu
Japanese Name 向日葵 来栖
English Name Elliana Versole
Nickname/s Zen-chan (あリちゃん) (Li-an - dub)
Age 15
Birthdate 1996
Birthplace Hiroshima
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives ~
School/Class Umi no Tenshi Gakuen


She has short, orange-yellow hair and turquoise-colored eyes. She is rarely seen wearing anything else except a school uniform, training uniform or her favorite shirt and denim jeans.

She has a fair complexion, and is notably tall. She also wears clear contact-lenses.


Not much is known about her except that she is very athletic and upbeat, and has a very proud and independent personality. She is the team leader for her school's volleyball team and is a close friend of Nikkou Megumi, being next-door neighbors, as will be hinted in later chapters of Rekindled Memories.

She is an only child, so she treats her closest friends as her family. She is normally called Ari-chan by classmates (Li-an in the dub). She does not like being the center of attention, but being a team captain brings this around often, much to her dismay.

Background and History

She is the only child and daughter of Kurusu Yuichi and Kaori, and the next-door neighbor of Nikkou Megumi.

She lives with her mother mostly, for her father works as a doctor overseas and rarely comes home every year.

Family Members

  • Father: Kurusu Yuichi (来栖 優一) (Andrew Versole)
  • Mother: Kurusu Kaori née Kairou (来栖 香り née 回廊) (Kaori Versole née Adams)








  • Her given name, "Himawari", means sunflower, while "Kurusu" was inspired by a Shimono Hiro character with the same physical characteristics.
  • Though not aforementioned, her supposed seiyuu is Harada Hitomi, inspired by Baka to Test to Shokanjuu and ef - a fairy tale of the two.
  • She dislikes seeing people being alone and normally says that "there is no such thing as loneliness (sabishiku nanka nai sa)".


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Signature and Ownership

This fanmade character/hissatsu/team/school is the sole ownership of ℛaizza ℰclipse, using pen names such as RaiShuuya10, RaiEclipse10, Raizza Eclipse and R. N. Shimono.

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