Kurai Piero
First appearance
Created by Ozora Tsubasa
Voiced by
Team/s Dākusākasu
Element Wind
Number 9
Position Goalkeeper
Full Names Kurai Piero
Japanese Name 暗いピエロ
English Name Peter Black
Nickname/s Piero
Age 13
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives
School/Class Dākusākasu

Kurai Piero (作家 短剣,) is a Forward of Dākusākasu. His father Kurai Okane is the director of the circus and his coach. Sometimes he works as a clown within the circus show.


He is a small guy with shoulderlength green hair. On top he wairs a black bowler with a skull and crossbones Logo. His face is painted white and across his eyes a black bolt is drawn. His mouth is also surrounded by black paint. His nose is hinden under a dark red Clowns nose.


He is aswell as his father influeced by the "Yami no koa" (Core of Darkness), so that the hatred towards people has grown a lot - especially against his father. Although he hates all people he gets along well with Sakka Tanken. He believes in his power as Goalkeeper and likes the poems written by him, because of the anger they resemble. He shows no respect to weak people and let them suffer a lot. That's the only Joy he is able to feel nowadays.




  • "Your soccer is worthless if you can not score a goal. " (to weak opponents)
  • "Once you will learn that hope is useless. Let me help you to do so." (to opposing player)
  • "As you wish ... Coach." (with derogatory voice towards his father)
  • "You can't help me, because I need NO help!" (towards People who want to cure the hatred in his heart)


  • His forename is translated as clown.

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