Kurai Okane
First appearance
Created by Ozora Tsubasa
Voiced by
Team/s Dākusākasu
Position Coach
Circus Director
Full Names Kurai Okane
Japanese Name 暗い お金
English Name George Black
Nickname/s Director Kurai
Age 38
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Piero (son)
School/Class None

Kurai Okane (暗い お金) is the Director of Dākusākasu and Father of Piero.


As Director of Dākusākasu he is wearing the directors uniform in red and a cylinder hat. He always takes a ebony cane with a brass-colored spherical handle with him. Und his hat he wears shoulder length dark grayish hair and has one brown and one green eye. Besause he also likes eating, he is really fat and short-winded. His nose can be described as spherical with a mustache below.


He once was a smart and helpfull guy, but step by step he get greedy and came in Contact with something that is called "Yami no koa" (Core of darkness). His heart got filled with greed. Nowadays he would do everything to get money. So he formed a footballteam with the children of his employees. He uses them to get more and more money. Towards his Son he is harsh, so that they don't get along very well, but Piero follows the orders of his father. Otherwise he would discipline his him. Eyerytime he is speaking he has to take brath after of few words, so that he often refuses to speak long sentences.


  • "Winning is everything, because loosing don't bring money!" (to his team)
  • "If you loose, you are worthless as player ... and as son, too!" (to Piero)
  • "If you loose, everyone of your team will play for me and bring me money! Mwahahah ... hahah." (to opposing team)


  • Kurai means darkness and Okane can be translated as money
  • His surname in the dub is similar to the japanese

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