Konan Ushira
First appearance The Dream
Created by NanoForever
Voiced by ???
Team/s The Dark Dragons
Element Lighting/ Fire
Number 5
Position FW-Forward
Full Names Konan Mathew Ushira
Japanese Name Konan Ushira
English Name Konan Backline
Nickname/s KoKo/ Koney
Age 10
Birthdate 7/ Nov.
Birthplace Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives
Family The Ushira Familly
School/Class The Mapple School, The Mellow School/ 4B


She is very quiet, supportive and calm. She never wants to make fights with anyone, only for nessesary things. She always got good ideas, even if she's not sure if it will work, she still says what's on her mind. She is the 2nd person who joined the team.


She has purple, short hair, and a white rose on the edge of her head. And, she has orange eyes. Her casual clothes are: A blouse, one half is on the other half, that's how it's close. And, she wears a skirt that that is striped, and is all over each other. And, wears sandles.


When Konan was 4 years old, her parents kept on arguing, until Konan's dad decided to do a divorce. After the divorce, when Konan was 6, her dad got married with another woman, named: Jenna, and her daughter, Lilly. Lilly kept annoying Konan, and trying to get people's attention. Jenna kept telling Konan's father that lies about Konan. But, when it was Konan's 7th birthday, Jenna and Lilly left the house to not celebrate Konan's birthday. Jenna kept telling Konan what to do, and telling her to wash the dishes, clean the house, set the table, and other things like that.


1. Lighting

2. Fire

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