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Kira Kotoni

Sorano Aoi

Matsukaze Tenma

Day 2

As Kira steped out of the classroom, she sighed...

"Well...I'm glad that lesson is over!" she beamed.

"Oi!!! Kira-San!" Aoi shouts from a distance.

"What is it?" Kira asked.

"Have you done it?"

"Done what?"



"I'll take that as a no then!"


Then just as Kira and Aoi were about to walk down the corridor, Tenma walked past them.

"Hey Aoi....And....Um...Kira" Tenma said

"Hi Tenma!" Aoi replys.

"Uh...Are you coming to Soccer practice?"

"Yeah...Um...See you there...."


Then Tenma and Aoi turned away from eachother and walked away. Kira followed Aoi to a corner.

"What was that?" Kira whispered.

"Kira?" Aoi asked "Can i tell you somthing?"

"Yeah sure, go ahead!"

"I....I have..." Aoi mumbled.

"Yeah?" Kira curiously says.

"I have a crush on...." Aoi continues.

"On who???" Kira says, wide eyed in interest.

"On....Um.....Tenma" Aoi admits.

"YOU DO?" Kira yells in exsitment. Tenma then tilts his head towards the two.

"Uh...Aoi just said that! and then i said YOU DO?" Kira lies.

Kira laughs nervously, Aoi blushes and Tenma walks away.

" least that was over and done with!"

The two of them didnt say another word until they got to the field.

"Kira....Can you take this over to Tenma? Please!!!!" Aoi begs.

Kira takes the note and walks over to Tenma, who seems to be talking to some of the soccer team.


"Hi Kira! Whats that?"

"Let me just tell you this, Its from Aoi, Read it then you'll understand what its about..."

"Understand what?" Tenma asks but Kira runs past him heading towards Aoi.

"Phew! Done it!" Kira huffs.

"Actualy, I now have second thoughts on getting you to send it.

A sweat drop fall down of Kira's forehead.

"Now you tell me!" she says

  • Bell rings*

"Right...Time to hand in your homework!"


Chapter 3 is here!!! ^.^

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