Kira-Chan Chapter 1 pic

Kira-Chan Chapter 1!!!

This is the first part of my fanfiction series, Kira-Chan.... :-D To go back to the Kira-Chan main page just click on the link.....(Come on! You know where it is!)

Characters (For Chapter 1)

Kira Kotoni

Sorano Aoi

Otonashi Haruna

The (Over stressed) Teacher

Day 1

"This is it" Kira mumbles. She steps onto the school grounds.

"Good Morning Kira, I hope you have a good day today!" One of the teachers at the main gate say.

"I wish..." Kira grunts as she drags herself to her class.

"Now...Where is it again?" She thinks. Kira spots a classroom door and runs in shouting, WAZZUP!!!

The class stare at her, Then they burst out laughing.

"What? Is the person blind?"

"Yeah! She looks like a first year!" Kira's face glows bright red as sweat makes its way down her forhead. Its now odvious that she just burst into a class full of Second years!!!

"Uh...are you lost?" The very familiar looking teacher asked.

"Those it look like it?....Wait....Hey!....Its....HARUNA!!!!" Kira cheers. The class start giggling again. Haruna sighs and says, "First year classes are over there!" Kira smiles and thanks her. she runs off and takes a deep breath and prepares for the worst... she turns the handle and walks in....


"Uhhh...I got lost?"

"Sit Down....."


"Havent you forgot something?"

"Nope! I got everything with me!"

  • Sir cough's loudly*


Kira slumps back into her chair and notices that shes siting near Sorano.

"Hi!" Kira whispers.

"Hey, Kotoni are you allright?" Aoi whispers back.

"Yep! You know me!!"

' blah blah blah blah blah blah....blah....blah blah! '


"Kira.....Kira?....Kira!" Aoi whispers.

"The test"

The whole class fall silent....

  • Kira snores loudly *

"KIRA!!!" The Teacher bellows.

  • Kira still snores away...then she wakes up *

"Wazzup sir? Hows it goin?" Kira says still half asleep. The teacher stomps over to her and leans over her and breaths in ready to shout.

"Save it Sir, You might scare yourself, you know..." Kira Sarcasticly remarks. The class snigger.

"GET OUT NOW!!!" The teacher screams.

  • Bell rings for break time*


Everyone rushes out of the class except for the teacher and Kira.

"Nice timing Sir!" Kira remarks (again...)

"Actully, since its break time, you can stay here for the rest of break...Think of it as detention!" The Teacher Beams.

"Oh...God....I dug myself a mountain out of a mole hill here, didnt I? Oh what a fun day its going to be...not..." she says under her breath....

To Be Continued...

Chapter 2 is here!!! ^.^

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