Kii Florence
First appearance Unknown
Created by SkullCandy-hime
Voiced by SkullCandy-hime
Team/s Pandora Hearts, Seishun Genesis
Element Fire
Number 3
Position Defender
Full Names Kii Marcha Florence
Japanese Name ???
English Name Florence Flayte
Nickname/s Floss / Flossie / Flo
Age 12
Birthdate 24th November
Birthplace Nara, Japan
Nationality Japan
Notable Relatives Kii Fumiko
Family Kira Seijirou (guardian)
School/Class Second Year

Kii 'Flossie' Florence is the younger sister of Kii Fumiko, and an orphan at Sun Garden Orphanage.

She is 12 years old, and is a Second-Year at Sailor Star Academy.


Kii Florence 4

Florence's appearance

Florence's hair is almost identical to her Onee-san's, though Florence's is longer, and more pink in colour. Her eyes are lilac, matching her sister's, though the shape of her eyes is a lot bigger and more innocent. She wears two light-blue clips in her hair, similar to the clips Kiyama Sakura wears. She also has the same earrings as Kiyama Sakura, though her's are coloured blue like her hairclips.

Her casual wear consists of a purple dress that reaches just above her knees, and has slightly puffy sleeves and a locket-neck. Her shoes are purple, silk, slip-ons.

Her Sailor Star uniform is coloured purple, and consists of the default white shirt with a purple bow tied around her neck, a purple mini-skirt, light-lilac over-the-knee socks, and the default shoes coloured dark purple.

When swimming, she wears a light-lilac tankini with tiny, blueberry patterns on the top, and one blueberry on the pocket-area of the shorts.

Her nightclothes consist of a short-sleeved, short dress that's coloured purple.


Florence is quite a bubbly and fun girl, who loves animals. She favors dogs, and really likes Springer Spaniels and owns a young one called Chi-Chi.

She seems to be slightly naive, and absent-minded, though she is extremely smart and strong when it counts.

She seems to be quite good friends with Kiyama Sakura, judging by the fact she is usually seen hanging around with her, and they're the same age.

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SkullCandy-hime 20:09, June 1, 2012 (UTC)

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