Kenji Haruya(finished)
All about Kenji Haruya

Tekeromi and Nagumo's male son.

Eyes: Violet like Tekeromi's (but does not turn red)

Skin :Like Nagumo's

Mouth: Devilish smile like Nagumo's

Hair: white-gray like Tekeromi's but darker.

Height: Tall like Nagumo (of course when he turns 13 and above like Nagumo)

Behaviour: A little of arrogant like Nagumo, passionate, kind like his mother, playful like Tekeromi, funny, hot tempered (almost like from Tekeromi and Nagumo, easily annoyed), caring like Tekeromi, smart like Tekeromi, also observant. Really cares for his parents. He would do anything just to make them happy.

Talents: Gifted in singing

Hobbies: soccer, singing, video games, piano, being with his mom and dad.

He is the ace striker of their team in school (i'll work on it), he's element is fire, he's moves are: Atomic Flare, taught by his father, Flaming Orbit, a combination, Fire Tornado, taught by Tekeromi's friend Gouenji, and The Inferno, his own technique. Many girls adore Kenji because of his perfectess, cool, and caring type. He is a little green minded. He's also got a sharp toungue, but does not use this sharp talk to his parents, only to his enemies. Despite this, he is still at the same time sweet.


"Burn in Hell!!!!"

"I love my parents, they are my best parents, a gift from the heavens."

"I love a challenge."

"You insulting me?!!!!"


"The last smile ends here....."