Write the text of your articNumber :10 Kazuri Ichimato ( Levi Dark ) element : Devil moves moves: The underworld, dark dream, Evil eye, The exorsist. Alien Name: Lethe (Lethe means the river in the under world which forgotten memories lie) Plot: He is in Aleia Academy, an added Team called, Silicon. He was child hood friends with Keromi ,He is actually possesed by a real demon, it started when he was six thought that the devil was a good god, he casted a spell on himself l, what possesed him was a strong spirit, devil, (could not get removed because there are chances where he can die as the demon gets out of him.), but in the other bright side of his unpossesed personality, he is cheery and kind. He has a crush on Keromi since 6 years old. His demon attitude is a sharp talk guy, malicious(greenminded)(especially towards the girls around him and Keromi), evil, emotional and has a lot of negative thoughts, he too is an orphan. But he gets controlled by the demon but his still himself, he can sometimes looses control with his hot tempered head, and that's where the demon comes out of his actions. Quotes: " I've never recieved Blessings."

" Everything's the same, nothing changes."

" Sell your soul to the Devil !!!" he says this before he shoots "The Excorsist".