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Kazemaru Trant

Kazemaru Trant is the older brother of Kazemaru Ichirouta. He is a student at Inazuma High School


He has short dark-blue hair that reaches his shoulders at the back. He has turquiose-blue eyes that match the color of the long-sleeved blue shirt he wears with black pants and brown trainers. He also wears a chain bracelet with his name engraved on a metal plate that joins the chain round his wrist.


He is somewhat arrogant and easily irritated. He acts as if he dislikes his younger brother greatly, though actually he loves his brother and would do anything to keep him safe. He is known to have a crush on Kii, a former alien girl (Ulvida's best (female) friend).


When he ten and Ichirouta was eight their mother and father broke up, and his father left. After that his mother was always really depressed and didn't bother with her kids. At first Trant looked after Ichirouta and cared for him, though after a while he got extremely upset with his mother for ignoring them so he asked her to try to take better care of them. Their mother got extremely angry with him for saying this and yelled at him saying things that crushed his happiness. He began to be obsessed with being smart and knowing everything after that. Ichirouta would always ask him to play soccer with him, but Trant would snap at him to 'Go and play your stupid ball games somewhere else! You're just plain annoying!'.


  • Kazemaru Trant is made fully by me.
  • Feel free to use him, but please ask first!

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