They Call Me The Revolution!

–Katzumaki Kotora

Katzumaki Kotora
My Character
First appearance
Created by User:Inazuma11 fangirl123
Voiced by User:Inazuma11 fangirl123
Team/s Kakumei Gakuen
Element Fire
Number 10
Position Forward
Full Names Katzumaki Kakumei Kotora
Japanese Name Katzumaki Kakumei Kotora
English Name Revol Ashton
Nickname/s The Revolution
Age 13
Birthdate 12.3.95
Birthplace Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Himemei: Cousin (Girl)
Family Father:Kakeru Kotora.

Mother:Kyokora Kotora. Twin Brother:Kazumaki Kotora

School/Class Kakumei Gakuen/ 1st Year


He Has Golden Yellow Hair With Dark Black Tips.He Has Spiky Hair Ad Neck Lenght Hair.He Has Blue Eyes And Plae Skin.His Casual Clothes Consits A Grey Shirt And Red Vest With Gold-Yellow Buttons.His Pants Consits Grey Pants And Black Shoes.He Is The Captain Of Kakumei Gakuen.


He Has A Big Ego,Friendly,Brave And Kind Personality.Tho,He Can Be Serious At Times.He Is Sometimes Quiet And Harsh.Though,He Cares For His Friends And Family.



Devils Fire

Flame Astroid

Flame Revolution


Cosmic Hell

Fiery Dash

Light Flare


Hells Fury

Fire Wall

Flame Block


Hōnō-ō Phoneix

Keshin Shoot:Phoneix Drive


  • He Is Going To Be In A Fanfic:The Generation Of Battles.
  • He Is The Opposite Of His Twin Brother,Kazumaki.Despite Being Twins.
  • The Picture Will Be Up When I Get GIMP.
  • His Dub Name Is A Part Of His Nickname.Revolution And Revol Ashton.

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