Katsumi Aqune is a fanmade character in the Inazuma Eleven Universe.

Katsumi Aqune
First appearance ???
Created by Tenshi Lightangel
Voiced by ???
Team/s EXO
Element Light
Number 13
Position Forward
Full Names Katsumi Aqune
Japanese Name 克己
English Name Aylin Light
Nickname/s Aqune
Age 14
Birthdate 13 September 1998
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Virgo(Older sister)
Family Virgo(older sister)
School/Class Shibuya High School 11B

(Lady Manners School In Dub)


Aqune has Long Dark pink hair usually tied with a blue small tie and is seen in her school uniform or soccer uniform. Her casual clothes are seen to be a long blue and white dress followed by blue shoes and a blue bracelet. she has red eyes and average skin.


She is seen to be a cheerful person and caring. She is seen to be friendly towards everyone espically her friends and family. Thought she can be shy sometimes.


Not much is known about Aqune's past except that she is virgo's sister. It is unknown if her parents are alive or dead since she doesn't mention them much. Saying that she doesn't know what happened to them.
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A closer look of Aqune


[SH] Love Arrow

[SH] God Knows


  • She is Tenshi's first fanmade character.
  • Feel free to use her but ask tenshi first.