Jason FireBlaze
Jason FireBlaze
First appearance The new FFI~ Chapter 1
Created by AidenFubuki "Mistre"
Voiced by Myself
Team/s Black Hawks (Originally)

Unicorn (FFI)

Element Fire
Number 20
Position GK (Mainly)


Full Names Jason Ignition FireBlaze
Japanese Name ジェイソンファイアーブレイズ

ジェイソン 火災炎 (Simple)

English Name Jason FireBlaze
Nickname/s Knight of Fire

Phoenix Twins

Age 15
Birthdate 30 April
Birthplace America, California
Nationality American


Notable Relatives None known
Family None known
School/Class Ravendale Academy, Year 3

Jason FireBlaze Second GoalKeeper of the Black Hawks.He is an OC and fully made by me.

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 16:47, April 11, 2012 (UTC)


When Jason was young, he lived in America, and he learned most of his doings from Ichinose Kazuya, Domon Asuka and Nishigaki Mamoru. But he moved away to Mexico in his childhood, so almost nobody remembers him. In Mexico,he learned the doings of Indians, and learned everything with Fire. Then,he moved to Japan.


[GK]Shin/Nekketsu Punch -[GK]Kaen Housha/V2
Dragon Cannon V3!

Dragon Cannon V3!

[GK]Bakuretsu Punch/Kai-[GK]Shin/Dai Bakuhatsu Harite

[GK]Burning Catch/Goku-[GK]Burnout/V2

[GK]Shoot Break/S-[GK]Power Spike/A

[SH]Fire Tornado/Kai-[SH]The Phoenix/V4

[SH]Bakunetsu Storm/G2-[SH]Dragon Cannon/V3

[SH]Pegasus Phoenix GX

[DF]Shin/Flame Dance-[OF]Heat Tackle/Kai

[KH]Kyūkyoku no faiyāsutoraiku (Ultimate Fire Strike)

[K]Kyūkyoku no hi-nushi (Ultimate Fire Lord)


Age: 15

Year: 3

Element: Fire

Position: GK/FW

Number: 20

Team: Black Hawks (Scroll up for link!)


He has Orange eyes, wich stand for his fiery attitude.He has Red hair with Orange in the middle wich actually stand for Fire.He also wears a White Headband with Japanese Signs on it,meaning "Fire"(火災) .He mostly looks angry, but he can be very nice.When he is in a match,he is very serious and is only focused on stopping the ball.Outside from matches,however,he is very cheerful and happy,always saying others are doing good.When he sits on the bench,he doesnt actually sit,but he is warming up for if he is needed.


The Phoenix!

The Phoenix!

  • He was originally made for The Black Hawks, and later used for my own purposes.
  • The signs on his headband means "Fire".
  • His Shoot, Dribble and Block Hissatsu can only be used as Forward, and his Catch Hissatsu can only be used as Goalkeeper.
  • He has a crush on Nonomi-Nee-Chan, Toramaru's neighbor.
  • All his Hissatsu are Fire-Element.
  • When he plays in Unicorn, the Commentator sometimes refers to him and Ichinose as the "Phoenix Twins".
  • Because he is American, Jason is his first name and FireBlaze his surname.