Izumi mizuno

Izumi Mizuno (水野 泉) is a childhood friend, classmate, and a romantic rival of Haruka Ko.


She has a crush on Toramaru, who has a crush on Haruka, who has a crush on Kazemaru. Knowing that he got a crush on Haruka, she got jealous, not knowing that Haruka has a crush on Kazemaru.


See image.


  • I gave her the name Izumi thanks to the so many Izumi I knew in anime.
  • The long hair is a reference to Konata Izumi from Lucky star.
  • While her name Izumi means spring, Mizuno means Water fields.
  • Her hair was meant to be in dreadlocks, like Izumi Curtis (yep, Izumi again...), but that one in the image would look better...
  • She was also meant to have an ahoge (yep, Izumi Konata again...)
  • If you have noticed, she got the ribbon wrong (I just want her ribbon to be a bit different...)


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