Izayoi Chani Digi-art 1
Izayoi Chani (Dub: Lottie Chayz) is the older twin sister of Izayoi Mika.


Although Mika is her twin sister, she looks nothing like her. She has dark red hair that when straightened reaches the middle of her back, though her hair is curved to the right slightly (similar to Ulvida) with azure tips, each strand of hair a different color. Like her sister, both her eyes are unique, though her left eye is turquoise and her right eye is light purple. She wears a sleeve-less light blue shirt, with a single strap attatched to the middle, and tied around her neck. She also wears a pair of white jeans, rolled up as shorts, with a bright floral silk scarf tied around her waist as a belt. Unlike her sister's light pink lips, her's are a dark red. She usually doesn't wear any shoes, because where she lives, shoes aren't necessary, though when she does wear shoes, she wears Greek sandals, with gold and silver plaited straps.


She's very imaginative and loves space, atsronamy, the solar system, stars any pretty much anything else to do with the sky and space. She loves art and is extremely good at it, often drawing portraits of herfriends, though she never shows her pictures and is very modest about her many talents. She loves soccer and is very good at playing, she often played with Sakuma when she was young though when her and Mika's foster paretns were murdered, she was scared into hysterics and didn't eat or leave her room, so the doctors used hypnotherapy on her. She forgot everything abolut her family, friends, her life and Sakuma, and was sent to live on a Greek island called Monte Darte. She met Aphrodi in Greece and instantly became best friends with him, because she forgot all about Sakuma back in Japan.


(mostly in PERSONALITY category, though there'll be more details when she is introduced in I Need You)


Izayoi MIka (twin sister)

Izayoi Jayke (older brother)

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